Flexible Business Space

Providing the local opportunities to start and grow your business in a flexible environment

Flexible workspace is an increasingly popular solution for businesses in the UK. Unlike in traditional offices, space allocation in flexible workspaces is not fixed, so business can maximise the benefits of cost and time-efficient solutions, such as hot desking or mobile working.

The following are six major reasons why a flexible office environment is beneficial:

1.) Flexibility – in a tiered office environment, you have the ability to start out with a drop-in space and scale up to a private office or multiple offices depending on your needs.

2.) Business Address and Space – you get a professional business address and a space to meet with your team and/or current and potential clients.

3.) Community – a big benefit of flexible office space is the ability to be around other business owners and professionals.

4.) Collaboration – the goal of any business is to grow revenue, which means you need to be in front of more people.

5.) Maximise your investment – another great benefit of flexible office space are the amenities. For your monthly membership, you usually gain access to amenities that you wouldn’t otherwise have if you had your own office.

6.) Simplicity – lastly, a flexible office environment provides simplicity. Usually, structured on a membership basis you don’t have to worry about sorting through the complexities of a commercial lease, setting up utilities, internet, coffee and water service, insurance or anything else. Instead, you show up, signup and setup.

Please click on the links below for local providers in flexible workspaces:

Colonnade House

Supports the growth of the creative industries in Worthing by offering affordable work space and gallery space in the heart of the town.

The Sphere

Creating a business is one thing, developing it is another. The Sphere offers a collaborative working environment that encourages growth by creating the opportunity to network, make contacts and do deals.


Promoting a culture of business enterprise and entrepreneurship, by offering start-up and growing companies much needed new, high quality managed office space, with the additional benefits of on-site fully serviced meeting rooms, conference facilities and ‘break-out’ areas.

Freedom Works

Developed for those looking for a ‘workplace home’ Freedom Works offers independent, freelance, start-up or growing companies a home from which to excel their business or venture.





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