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Adur and Worthing partners provide extensive funding information and support to ensure businesses thrive across our places. Adur & Worthing Business Partnership continue to invest and, in partnership with Adur & Worthing Councils, are currently offering Small Business and Apprenticeship Grants.  These grants, which run to March 2020, are offering up to £2,500 to make a positive difference to your business.

Regional opportunities also exist through West Sussex County Council and the Local Enterprise Partnership (Coast to Capital). These regularly change but grants are usually focused on supporting businesses to start and grow. Current funding includes Coast to Capital’s Business Growth Grants, FSE Funding Escalator Fund and Growing Places Investment Fund

Nationally, there are further funding opportunities that may be relevant to support your business. Central Government offer information about Start Up Loans, whilst Crowdfunding is fast becoming a popular avenue that also has community benefit. To enable you to investigate the wide variety of possibilities Adur & Worthing Councils annually invest in a funding search engine, Grants Online, to allow you to run bespoke searches (at no cost).

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Signposting you to funding opportunities …

A&W Business Grants

Find out about Business Grants available from Adur & Worthing Councils

WSCC business Grants

Find out about Business Grants available from West Sussex County Council

Coast to Capital Funding

Find out about funding and grants available from Coast to Capital LEP

National Funding (Government)

Find out about national funding and grants available from the Government

Supporting investment in major regeneration in our local area …


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Business Info

Business Info